Built using
WordPress, Sass, ACF Pro & Block Editor API

Launched at the start of 2020, Russwood is a product-heavy, ecommerce site that looks to increase the reputation of this well-established timber and flooring supplier.

My contribution to this site was to transfer Adobe XD mock-ups into WordPress-ready, PHP files. Creating the entire front-end along with menu interactions using Javascript. Coding page content into partials and creating queries. This is what I would refer to as early WordPress integration but would generally create the site that is ready for content to be added.

As well as this, I created a number of custom blocks using both ACF Pro and the WordPress block editor API. These custom blocks use the 'es5' template with render callbacks.

Viewing the Russwood menu system on a mobile device


An example of an internal page on the Russwood website


The Russwood shop when viewed on a traditional screen

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