Built using
WordPress, Sass, Block Editor API, ACF Pro

Launched in December 2020, Visit Cairngorms came into existence during a challenging time for tourism & hospitality. The aim was to create a visual experience that showcases the natural beauty and craftmanship the Cairngorms has to offer.

As with other build, I was tasked with building the entire front end from XD mock-ups. Adding in transitions and JavaScript, mainly in the menu operation and UI interactions.

As well as the front end, I would take on the early WordPress integration, creating custom blocks using both ACF Pro and the Block Editor API. The client has a complete toolkit that enables them to build vivid, impactful pages with relative ease.

An example of a business listing when displayed on an iPhone


The business listings, these can be added to a Backpack for later use


The Events calendar when viewed on an iPhone

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