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Building a modern business - Part II - Keyword Targeting

There has been a bit of time between this post and the previous update. In fact, over a year. During that time a few things have changed with work that did not allow me the time to update. 

There has been a slight change in employment that has meant more of my personal time had to spent understanding what I was working with.

With that part out of the way, what will this update be about?

Better targeting

The site has been live now for over a year and during that time there have been minimal content changes. Some posts have been added, but nothing that would suggest a targeted approach to expanding the content. This post will focus on keyword targeting and the terms the next batch of content will be based on.

Before I get into that, there has been a small change on the site.

I’ve removed Google Analytics.

Why is that? 

It was a pretty simple choice at this point. I really have no need for it. The visitor levels on the site are not high enough to warrant using Google Analytics. It just becomes noise in these early stages and it is better to dedicate time to an area where there is usable data coming through. Google Search Console.

The data in Google Search Console at this point in time is far more valuable to me. Right now, it’s informing me of the keywords my site is gaining impressions for, and the current position in search it is being ranked.

Local notoriety, before global dominance

We’ve all been there.

We’ve created a new site and have grand dreams of being known the world over. The reality is, not even our own neighbour knows we’re in business.

So the target right now is obvious. Focus on my local area, which is Inverness. Once there are improvements locally, then the plans for world domination can begin…

Looking at Google Search Console, under the performance tab, I see the site is gaining impressions for the following search terms:-

  • Web design inverness

  • Inverness web design

  • Web designer inverness

  • Inverness web designer

  • Web design in Inverness

There are others, but right now these are creating the highest number of impressions. Clicks, not so much, but that can be explained in the next part.

Taking an arbitrary date range of the past 3 months, what we can see is:

Web design inverness’ has delivered 622 impressions and 1 click. The reason for such a low click count? Its average position in search results, which is 48.4. So in easy to digest terms, that is at least page 4. So it may as well be hidden from search as users are highly unlikely to navigate that far.

How did the others perform?

  • ‘Inverness Web design’ - 234 impressions and an average position of 51.9

  • ‘Web designer Inverness’ - 230 impressions and 58.8 average position

  • ‘Inverness web designer’ - Impressions were 215 and the average position was 54.9

  • ‘Web design in Inverness’ - 150 impressions and 40.7 average position

So we know we stand at this point. The site is being picked up for queries, but its content is nowhere near strong enough that it ranks in the higher positions.

But before I go and change the content and focus it around these keywords, I need to find out their value. For that, I need another tool. Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword Planning

Each keyword seems to deliver 10-100 monthly searches with a medium to low competitiveness rating. This is to be expected for Inverness, considering it’s size. It’s a tourist ‘city’ that has a general population of around 50,000, so the number of searches and those fighting for each click will not be as high as Edinburgh.

So, I've got the keywords, what next?

Expanding old, and writing new content

At this point, the best approach is to add in some of the keywords to the existing content, where possible. There is a fine line between valuable content, and keyword stuffing. 

Currently my content is mostly generic, with some Inverness related content in places. But nothing that can be considered ‘targeted’. So the current pages and titles will be updated and in the time between now and when I write the next update, I should have come up with some ideas for new content.

Once those pages and any new content has been added I’ll submit them to Google Search Console. 

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