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Speed, and app-like experiences are driving the next-phase of the web as we look to more secure ways to present client websites.

Developed using the JAMStack, Gatsby sites benefit from almost instant page-load to deliver experiences that rival native mobile apps. The added security offered by a de-coupled front and back-end means your builds should be better protected from hacks. Having this decoupled backend also means that should you decide to change something like your e-commerce platform, modifications to your front end are limited and it is just a case of making new API calls.

Although Gatsby is a static site builder, it does not mean you cannot have an element of dynamic content. Gatsby sites can 'hook up' to content management systems such as Contentful, Sanity, and even WordPress.

Along with a CMS, you can also integrate an ecommerce system with secure payments. It's the benefit of the JAMStack, your site makes the required calls it needs to process payments and update stock. Meaning you are no longer in charge of databases and falling foul of GDPR.

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