Bespoke Wordpress Development

Using one of the world’s most powerful content management systems, Wordpress, I’m an experienced front-end developer who specialises in high-quality, user-focused web applications that are built with speed and ease of expansion at their core.

All sites are designed and developed using a component driven approach, either using Adobe XD or Figma. Creating workable prototypes that streamline processes before moving into development. 

The development process uses the block editor and full site editor, creating bespoke websites using both native and custom blocks. These blocks are easy to use and well documented to ensure both clients and developers are able to expand upon them.

My development suite is equipped with the build tools required for exceptional results. Running Lighthouse during the development process, keeping track of key metrics for Google Page Speed. Stylesheets are compiled using Sass and naming conventions similar to BEM.

My passion for development and the direction Wordpress is moving towards with the block and full site editor matches the development model I want to pursue. I feel I have much to offer when it comes to creating a streamlined development process with components that can be reused multiple times. Improving productivity as well as ROI. 

For work on freelance Wordpress development projects please get in touch for personal rates and availability.

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