Moray Firth Fireworks

Moray Firth Fireworks. A custom-build using WordPress and branding exercise.

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Built using: WordPress / PHP

Moray Firth Fireworks has been operating for well over a decade in the Highland area, working in and around Inverness, Morayshire, and the surrounding areas. Delivering eye-catching displays that have wowed their many clients over the years. As their business expanded, so did the need for an exciting new business website and modern branding. After discovering this, the owner of Moray Firth Fireworks approached me to refresh the company’s online and print materials.

Spearheading the brand refresh is a new business website, designed and developed using the flexible content management system, WordPress. This gives the team all of the tools they need to expand their content. A big part of the website development was performing a technical audit on their content, creating an improved structure. Now, their website service offerings are broken down into clear services. Improving the overall user experience and helping their potential customers find the relevant information.

Accompanying the new business website is a complete brand refresh. Creating a modern look that can be used in both print and digital form effectively. Containing an eye-catching ‘burst’, the new logo helps to portray the primary role of the business. A simple mark that can work on its own as a wayfinder within the website. To finish off the new brand identity, a clean sans serif typeface was selected for ease of use, as well as a contemporary feel.

Moray Firth Fireworks on a desktop
Moray Firth Fireworks logo