Moray Firth Fireworks

Moray Firth Fireworks. A custom-build using WordPress and branding exercise.

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Built using: WordPress / PHP

Moray Firth Fireworks has been operating for over a decade in the Highland area, but required a new, professional brand identity to match their high-quality displays.

The new logo contains a 'burst', simplifying the explosion from a firework and works great as a mark on its own. A simplified, clean sans-serif typeface compliments the icon. The word mark can also be used just as effectively on items of clothing and stationary.

To accompany the brand refresh, a new site was designed and developed using the flexible content management system, WordPress. The previous website build was content heavy but did not have any true structure. Part of the redevelopment was to create various packages that the customer can quickly identify, speeding up the process of contacting Moray Firth Fireworks.

Moray Firth Fireworks on a desktop
Moray Firth Fireworks logo