Vibrant styling and ease-of-use in this energetic Gatsby starter theme

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Built using: GatsbyJS / React

Startup is a theme built using GatsbyJS and React which was designed to be a perfect fit for those looking to get started with a stylish brochure site.

Using image optimisation techniques and Gatsby's excellent lifecycle, meaning the pages are generated at build-time so load almost instantly in the browser. This one-pager uses modern CSS techniques and styled components to reduce file bloat. All of this points to an outstanding Google Page Speed score.

For those looking to use this theme they will find it really easy to get started with and include in their next Gatsby build. You can download a copy for yourself, right here at the Gatsby Starter Library

The Startup website when view on a Macbook
How the Startup brand will look when used on a business card
Viewing th eStartup website on an iPhone